About Us

Established in 1994 under the name "Dosti Foundation" and designated as a 501(C) (3) organization, Global Education Campaign's primary focus is creating educational opportunities for children and young adults in economically and politically oppressed areas in developing countries. In these areas children working, begging and digging through garbage for scraps they can sell is a common sight.

We believe that all children deserve a nurturing environment with clean air and water; good nutrition that facilitates normal physical growth; and educational opportunities that allow them to realize their potential and become productive citizens.

We were instrumental in founding a now self-sufficient school in the Congo. In early 2012, we started a school in the town of Rostaq, in the province of Takhar, in Afghanistan.

We have worked mainly in the Great City of Peshawar in northwestern Pakistan. Our founders, Dr. Munir Ahmad and Tahira Shaheen, both Pakistani by birth first established Dosti Welfare Organization and registered the organization in Pakistan.

Dosti Welfare Organization establishes schools in Pakistan and maintains them with funds raised by Global Education Campaign in the U.S.

DWO employs local individuals as teachers and in other staff positions. Because the curriculum of Dosti schools conforms to local government regulations, a graduate of one of our schools can easily be admitted to other schools or colleges. As of 2012 we are overseeing 14 schools.

Our first school, at Sufaid Dheri, has been certified as an approved location to administer the 10th grade exam. Our Peshawar office and our skill training center for adult women are located within the Sufaid Dheri building.

Education To Build Peace:

Our curriculum also incorporates the human values of respect and tolerance, offering an alternative to extremist ideology that supports terorrism. We sponsor lectures and discussions about rights issues.

Whenever we start a school, we work with the surrounding community. People living in the communities where we have schools are thankful our schools are available and we have never had a school destroyed by terrorism or sabatoge. Our fundraising partner, Rachel Williams, has learned through her work in Pakistan that almost everyone really wants their girls educated! By keeping up with DOSTI and Global Education Campaign, Americans can learn how much our schools have in common with the schools in the United States.

Beyond Education:

We get involved in the lives of families in the communities where we have schools. We understand that poor living conditions interfere with children being properly educated.

Many Pakistani women receive no prenatal care at all. We collaborate with medical institutions to provide health care services not always available.

We would like to raise funds to assist in the hiring of better prenatal care professionals in the area hospitals.

Access to clean water is also a serious health issue for most Pakistani people. We continue to install new wells and water coolers in our schools as funds become available.

Disaster Relief:

In early 2010, we collaborated on a fundraiser with two organizations working in Haiti. In 2005, we were part of the earthquake relief effort.

Our Donors:

GEC would like to thank our generous supporters and donors, including the following.

Al-Malik Foundation * James Albring * Donna Blackstone * Badar Kanwar * Neil Bassom and Mary Carlin * Waqas Qamar * David Lechner * Nasar Ahmad * Mary Ellen Kelly * Kashef and Shereen Qaadri * James Wozniak * Matteo Sofo * Kroger * Jackie Marpyah * Tufal and Asma Khan * Jerry Stevens * M Nawaz Chaudhary * Christine Weisfielder * Jim and Ellen Moeller