2010: Dosti students earned the village of Abdara's top scores on the Arts portion of the 9th grade board exam! 2009: Our school in the village of Sufaid Dheri was certified as a 10th-grade exam site. Because of Dosti's reputation for providing quality education, Pakistani families will transfer from one village to another to be near a Dosti school.

As of 2006, Dosti had constructed over 25 wells, many of which are now being managed by local communities.

How a Dosti-sponsored Enterprise Made a School Self-Sufficient:

Several years ago, the Dosti Foundation (as we were then) provided $2000 to fund two schools in the Congo. Antoine Kabwasa, of the African Culture Initiative for Peace and Development, gave $1000 to the youth group Eldorado, in Kinshasa, and taught them how to raise chickens and produce pastries. With the intitial proceeds, they founded a school that taught kindergarten, first and second grade. The school quickly attracted the attention and support of other international organizations, including the UN. Today, that school is a full primary school, and is self-sufficient thanks to Eldorado's agricultural business. Although Global Education Campaign is not involved now in the day-to-day administration of the school, we are mentioned as a supporter in every Eldorado annual report.

Four community skill development and vocational centers have been established to teach women and young ladies to sew, knit, and embroider (Funding ended in 2008).

Free medical clinics have been held at the DOSTI complex to serve the impoverished rural communities. A library was established at Government Girls College. This library was independently built by DOSTI and has more than 1200 books.

Two free eye clinics were arranged with the help of Rotary International. Medicine and eyeglasses were provided free of charge to 895 patients.

After the Earthquake of 2005 DWO began delivering aid within hours. In October 2005 we opened a field office in Balakot to provide direct assistance to survivors, and coordinate services for a variety of international agencies. By 2006 we had collected more than $80.000 in donations enabling us to focus on its relief efforts of education, camp management, protection, shelter, rehabilitation and development.

2012: Dosti School Badezai #2 received solar panels through funding provided to us by the Rotary Club.