What does "Dosti" stand for?

"Dosti" is not an anagram. It means "friendship," in Farsi, which is an Iranian language.

What is the connection between the Global Education Campaign and the Dosti Foundation?

Dosti Foundation is now doing business as Global Education Campaign in the USA. This name reflects our focus, and we want to sponsor schools in poverty-stricken areas all over the world, not just in one country.

Can I donate anything besides money?

You can always donate in-kind items unfortunately it is very expensive to ship goods to Pakistan. The donor should be able to pay shipping costs, or goods donated should be in the Peshawar area.

I often see "Toledo-Hyderabad Sister City Committee," "India-Pakistan Friendship Association" or "South Asia Peace Foundation" listed as co-sponsors for your events. What are these organizations?

The India-Pakistan Friendship Association (now called South Asia Peace Foundation) was founded by Dr. Munir Ahmad, to promote goodwill between India and Pakistan and their ethnic communities. Dr. Anwer Ali and Dr. Ahmad have also worked to create a Sister City relationship between the city of Hyberabad in Pakistan and Toledo Ohio.

Do you welcome volunteers? How can I get involved?

We welcome your help! Contact us at mail@globaleducationcampaign.org for information about ongoing projects.

Can I make a contribution online?

We accept online donations through PayPal. You can do this through our home page and click the yellow Donate button. Please note, however, that a small percentage of your donation will go to PayPal as a fee.

Who are your current board members?

Current board members are:
Dr. Munir Ahmad-President
Mr. Aijaz Ahmad-Vice President
Mr. Bob Higgins-Treasurer
Mr. Kuldeep SIngh-Secretary
Dr. Anwer Ali-Member

What is the cost of a single child's annual education?

Approximately $100 (US) will fund one year of a child's education.

What is an ideal monthly salary for a teacher?

Approximately $125 (US) is the salary for a teacher in our schools.