How YOU Can Help

  • Monetary Donations--this can be done by check (mail to address listed), money order, or credit card. You can also use paypal to donate money.
  • You can sponsor a family. This can be done as a 1 time transaction or you may continue to support a family monthly by monetary donation. The cost to sponsor a family per month is $25.00
  • Sponsor a child at the Orphanage. This will allow the child to go to school, learn new skills, and even be able to go home to her family and visit. The cost to sponsor a child per month is $15.00
  • Sponsor a child's education. This cost is ONLY $10 per month
  • Purchase a school uniform for a child. This cost is $25
  • Sponsor a school. Your donation of $75.00 per month will allow a 1 room school to remain in operation.
  • Assist with providing clean and sanitary water for students. The cost of a water cooler and/or well ranges from $250- $1200 depending on materials and labor.
  • You may also register your KROGER PLUS CARD at to benefit Global Education Campaign's efforts.
  • Help by doing your online shopping through iGive! Many online retailers participate with iGive, including and You can find the whole list on their website.

We thank each and every one of you for your generous support and remember, we can't do what we do without people like YOU!!