Noorullah Dosti School
                                       Location: Rostaq district, Takhar province, Afghanistan
 Improving our world through educating and empowering the boys and girls of the next generation. 
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As of 2018:
Number of Employees: 9, which includes one headmaster, six teachers, a watchmen and a janitor.
Number of Students: 185
Number of Grades Represented: 5
This school is in dire need of donors and funding, and has nearly had to close it's doors. We are urgently in need of people to sponsor this wonderful school. This school enrolls both boys and girls, but has the special goal of empowering it's young girls to be educated. It seeks to move forward from old tribal traditions that did not place much importance on educating girls and women. Each boy and girl that is educated means a brighter future for the country of Afghanistan.
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